Best Online Stock Brokers in Canada 2022

Are you a Canadian investor who is considering starting your investing career? Are you seeking for helpful stock market information? Get this list of Canada’s Best Online Stock Brokers. Compare the specifications, costs, and information on their goods, services, trade platforms, and equipment.

Because of its abundant natural resources, Canada is noted for having more energy businesses listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), which is the eighth largest stock exchange in the world by market value.

Since they are less expensive, quicker, and more secure than traditional stock brokers, online stock brokers have grown in popularity. Therefore, it is best to learn more about any of the stocks.


Questrade is Canada’s top online stock broker for the year because to its straightforward pricing, free ETF transactions, lack of yearly fees, and excellent features for both desktop and web-based platforms.

Both the IIROC and the CIPF, two regulators, recognise Questrade as a member.

With several account kinds, you may trade FX, CFDs, metals, MFs, ETFs, stocks, bonds, options, and more. Additionally, clients have the option to trade all US-based equities on NASDAQ and NYSE.

With excellent features offered for active traders, Questrade’s trading platforms IQ Web and IQ Edge allow you to personalise things to your needs. They have wonderful themes, offer crisp, clear graphing, and their widgets truly serve as the icing on the cake. They are also incredibly user-friendly.

It features excellent research tools, including Market Intelligence and Intraday Trader. The top fundamental analysis for ETFs and stocks is offered by reputable research data sources like Morningstar as a third party.

Therefore, when it comes to straightforward pricing and ease of trading, Questrade is a definite winner.


Because of its thorough stock research, user-friendly design, and portfolio analysis capabilities, Qtrade is also well-liked among traders.

Equities, options, ETFs, mutual funds, fixed income, and exchange-traded debentures are all available for trading. Check out its two price options: Investor Plus and Investor Pricing (for casual traders) (for active traders). It is secure and the best stock research centre because it is governed by IIROC.

While creating personalised portfolios, it helps you with asset allocation and offers real-time streaming quotations. By working with Morningstar, fundamental analysis is strengthened. You will always benefit from amazing educational materials when making decisions, adding items to watchlists, and earning money.

Although it has a $25 maintenance/inactive fee every quarter, if utilised carefully, it is a fantastic platform.

Digital Brokers

One of the well-known online stock brokers in Canada is this one. Most people recognise Interactive Brokers for its availability on international marketplaces. while providing trading and the many different order kinds to its clients.

Order flow is completed with quality when payment is not accepted. IBKR Lite (for novice investors) and IBKR Pro are Interactive Brokers’ two main programmes (for professionals). Users that hold more over $1 million with the brokerage are given access to margin rates as low as 0.75 percent.

Institutional investors and professional traders make up the majority of the broker’s clients since all of its spreads, margins, and tools are advantageous to big volume traders. This is the main factor contributing to Pro Plan’s popularity.

The main trading platform of Interactive Brokers, TWS (Trader Workstation), provides the greatest trading tools, including Volatility Lab, Market Scanner, and Algo Trading. It is well-known and well-liked in the sector.

Your requests are carried out by the AI system known as IBot, which is available in TWS mobile. As a result, it’s now more quicker and smoother since execution happens shortly after you speak.

Numerous excellent tools, including back-testing and scanning, as well as a wide range of third-party studies, are available through Interactive Brokers. The issue is its high level of technicality and unfriendly user interface, even though its mobile trading app is adequately supported with all the adjustments you need and excellent charting.