8 Benefits of Using Smart Credit card

Credit cards are advancing through time and now provide more benefits than before. The smart credit card, which Standard Chartered Bank has introduced, may render conventional credit cards useless in the age of digitization. Credit cards now function more simply and are also simpler to use both in person and online.

These initiatives are created since credit cards are becoming a popular tool for the average person and are no longer solely utilised by a select few. More individuals are realising how much easier and more comfortable life can be with a credit card. However, many people continue to deny themselves these benefits due to ignorance.

If you’re still interested, the information is provided here.

1. Contactless Credit Card Application

Almost all procedures have to be made contactless as a result of the COVID19 outbreak. You may apply for a smart credit card online, and once approved, you’ll get a virtual card that you can use right away. You are no longer need to use a physical card.

2. Better online transaction security

Customer security has received a lot of consideration from Standard Chartered Bank. Through the use of 3D secure OTP Verification, they have enhanced and made online transactions safer.

3. Get a family credit card

The benefit you obtain from using this particular credit card might also be transferred to your family. If you currently have a smart credit card, you may apply for an additional card so that your family members can also benefit from its features.

4. Quick Digital Transactions

A variety of fast payment options are offered by Standard Chartered Bank, including Bharat Bill Payment Solutions (BBPS), BharatQR, and Samsung Secure Pay. Your digital payments will be much simpler as a result.

5. Loan Only a Call Away

If a necessity occurs, you can use this card to avoid searching for a loan separately. Your loan amount with this smart credit card can be up to Rs 5,00,000, with a variable term of 12 to 60 months.

6. Eligible Transactions Converted

You may easily convert your qualifying transactions into a three-month EMI and take advantage of a low interest rate of 0.99% per month with no processing charge. By doing so, you may better manage your finances and prevent having to pay large quantities of money all at once.

7. Lengthened Interest-Free Term

When you understand that you may pay the only minimum amount due on your credit card and benefit from an extended interest-free credit term for the first 90 days following credit card issue, this smart card seems even more intelligent. Of course, you should read the terms and conditions to have a better understanding of this. However, the benefit that comes with this card is really significant.

8.Cashback when using a smart credit card

Utilizing the Smart Credit Card, you receive 1% cashback on all of your offline purchases. The maximum cashback, however, is restricted to Rs. 500 each month. You receive 2% cashback for every rupee you spend online, with a monthly cap of Rs 1000. There are several restrictions to these cashbacks, such as the fact that fuel purchases are not eligible for any cashback.

9. Rewards 360 Degrees

A new rewards platform from Standard Chartered Bank makes life much simpler for you. On this site, you may view, manage, and use the reward points you’ve accrued.